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Local filmmakers seek funding for child abandonment documentary




James C. Durrah, II

Brand Strategist / Content Producer

Digital Reveries Media, LLC

Local filmmakers seek to help those who deal with child abandonment through feature documentary and research project.

ATLANTA, GA. (Dec. 4, 2017) – Two Atlanta filmmakers are hoping to bring healing to those who have experienced child abandonment by producing a national documentary and supporting research initiative. The film will explore the affects of adoption and child abandonment in Black men by detailing the life paths of multiple men who’ve experienced these issues, and by soliciting expert advice about how these individuals can navigate emotional disturbance associated with their disconnection from their birth families. The film is also set to address ways that disparities in AfricanAmerican communities regarding workforce development, education, and interpersonalcommunication among adolescents are connected to the project’s core focus of child abandonment.

The project is led by two Cartersville, GA natives – Marlee Archer and James C. Durrah, II – both of whom are seasoned digital media professionals. Archer and Durrah comprise a collaborative called “The Digital Switch,” which is housed within Archer’s digital media brand, Digital Reveries Media. The two were inspired to produce the documentary – which is titled “Can I Askew a Question” – after Durrah realized that he’d suffered negative affects from his own experience with adoption and child abandonment, despite having grown up with a healthy and stable adoptive family.

The film’s title is named after Durrah’s birth name that was changed immediately upon his adoption just 3 days after he was born. Durrah enlisted the help of Archer with not just finding closure to his own story, but to also help others find closure to their stories – even if the end result is not re-connecting to their birth families.

Although Archer and Durrah began production of the film in the spring of 2016, the making of the feature was halted due to lack of funding. They are currently running a 60-day online campaign on the popular crowdfunding site Indiegogo, where they hope to raise $25,000 to support professional production of the film. All funds raised will be used to support research, filming, post-production, and travel associated with the making of the film. For more information, visit

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