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A short film that conjures the magic of ancestral religion, black spirituality, and queer intersectionality. 

A Digital Reveries Media Film


"determined not to lose my mind."

Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.34.56 PM.png

"Praying to My Ancestors,

to protect my realness. 

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"Holding My Identity Like A Ripe Pear."


"I Am Fearless."

Watch the Brave Futures Film Race Trailer

Meet The Creators

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Marlee Archer
Director/Producer & Writer/Editor
Safiya Warren
Lead Actor/E-Motion Artist & Writer
Screen Shot 2022-03-15 at 3.36.23 PM.png
Brittaney Harden
Supporting Actor & Spoken Word Artist/Writer
Quyana Barrow
Production Manager & Writer

Team Calendula



Calen, a queer black woman, navigates her inner turmoil, anxiety and worldly external forces while receiving guidance from her ancestor Dula to seek and find her fearlessness. She realizes she's always had the power within to conquer her fears, and find her brave future.


The concept behind this short film was to illustrate the multiple sources of trauma and anxiety that intersectional people face in today's world: the ongoing pandemic, racial oppression and police violence, and queer identity and discrimination. It is also a creative interpretation of ancestral religion and traditional practices of black spirituality in the context of modern day America. 

Behind the Scenes:

"Capacity" was created in Atlanta during and for the Brave Futures Film Race Fall/Winter 2020, a concept created by non-profit and intersectional content platform Open Television. Brave Futures is a race to create a short film from conception to completion in under 48 hours. "Capacity" was created by a specially assembled group of artists within Digital Reveries Media, called Team Calendula. Team Calendula represented Atlanta in the film race, in addition to two other teams representing Oakland and Brooklyn. 

Awards and Distribution:

During the subsequent Brave Futures Film Festival held to highlight the work of all three teams, Team Calendula won the Most Brave Award and Black Archivist Award, which included exclusive gear from and commissioned work with popular photographer Paul Octavious. Digital Reveries also earned a distribution deal with Open Television to host "Capacity" for public streaming. 



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