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"Can I Askew A Question"

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A film about healing, self-discovery, and child abandonment amongst Black men.

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Fundraising update!

Feb. 1st marked the end of our Indiegogo campaign.

Thanks to our generous donors,

We were able to raise just under $6,000!

Thank You!

We thank each and every one of you for your support, and will be updating all donors about our progress as we continue to move forward. We still have lots in the works, and will also be sharing updates via social media as we continue to raise money and awareness about the documentary and its purpose.


With that said, we have 19K left to raise before production of the film can begin. Although the Indiegogo campaign has closed, you can still make a contribution of ANY size.


 We still need your help! Every single contribution will be life-changing for millions affected by child abandonment! 

Donations can also be made by check to Digital Reveries Media, sent to:

2997 Cobb Parkway SE, Unit 725311, Atlanta, GA, 31139

Financial Donors

Treva Aldrich

Misty Jackson

Brandon Cooper

Safiya Warren

Margaret Zimmer

Sharon Toomer

Lynette Brunson

Corey Perkins

Brandy Taylor

Kevin James

Bill Blatt

Lakecia Hammond

In-Kind Donors

Phillip Williams

Melida Wilson

Maurice Wilson

More about the Askew Doc:

This documentary will follow the quest of James Durrah, a 29-year-old Georgia native, to address unanswered questions as it relates to finding his biological family, and subsequently addressing the larger conversation of adoption and child abandonment amongst young African American men. Please consider a donation to this film about truth and healing regarding child abandonment.

The storytellers behind this documentary, James and Marlee, make up a production team called The Digital Switch, housed within Digital Reveries Media. 

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