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Can I Askew

A Question?

An award-winning film about truth, healing, and perseverance

A Digital Reveries Media Film

A Digital Switch Production

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About the Film

The "Can I Askew a Question?" documentary follows Cartersville, GA native James C. Durrah II, and his personal experience with child abandonment. James, whose biological last name is Askew, has known from a young age that he was adopted. But at the age of 27, his feelings of abandonment came to a climax, and he felt a sudden yearning to know more. In order to continue on a successful track in life, work, his relationships, and self-discovery, he had to find answers. Here is where the concept of "Can I Askew a Question" was born.


In addition to documenting James’ quest for answers, the film simultaneously fosters dialogue regarding child abandonment within African American families, with the hopes of destroying one’s secrets and birthing one’s freedom. By chronicling James’ real-life struggles—paired with expert-led interviews—the film highlights a need for increased communication and emotional support within black families, religious groups, and the community; as well as ways to support mental health and socioeconomic development.

Since its release, "Can I Askew A Question?," or known as "Askew film" for short, has started a successful festival run, having been selected for and won categories in several well-known festivals across the globe. The film's most recent accolade includes an exclusive screening at the prestigious John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., as apart of the venue's Millennium Stage series. 


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About the Filmmakers

The filmmakers behind this project consist of Marlee Archer and James C. Durrah II, who comprise the production duo called

The Digital Switch. 

Marlee Archer:

Marlee is a Cartersville, Georgia native and an independent filmmaker, director and cinematographer who is intrigued by underrepresented communities and identities, and the channels these demographics use to survive and heal despite circumstance. Marlee received her bachelor's degree in English from Savannah State University, and earned a master's degree in Communication from Georgia State University. She has recently created her first award-winning short film called "Capacity," which premiered for and on Open Television. She is also co-director and executive producer of the feature-length documentary, “Can I Askew a Question?” Marlee owns and operates Digital Reveries Media, the media, branding and filmmaking company that produced and created these film projects. 

James Durrah:

James is a communications and media executive with more than 12 years of experience as a strategist in both corporate and nonprofit spaces. He received his undergraduate and graduate degrees in broadcast journalism and new media journalism from Howard University and Full Sail University respectively. James' career in communications and journalism sparked a love for film production from the start, as his passion for telling intriguing stories has also been at the nucleus of his success. After having produced an array of short films as a member of the Digital Reveries Media production duo, The Digital Switch, James makes his directorial debut with the feature-length documentary film "Can I Askew a Question" alongside Marlee Archer.


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Film Merch

Askew film merchandise currently for sale.


100% of the proceeds go to helping us tell more impactful stories like the Askew film.  

Fundraising Update

Thanks to our generous donors,

We were able to raise just under $6,000!

Thank You!

We thank each and every one of you for your support, and will be updating all donors about our progress as we continue to move forward.


If you would still like to contribute to the distribution of this film once complete, you may give tax-deductible donations here:

Donations can also be made by check to Digital Reveries Media, sent to:

2997 Cobb Parkway SE, Unit 725311, Atlanta, GA, 31139

Financial Donors

Treva Aldrich

Misty Jackson

Brandon Cooper

Safiya Warren

Margaret Zimmer

Sharon Toomer

Lynette Brunson

Corey Perkins

Brandy Taylor

Kevin James

Bill Blatt

Lakecia Hammond

In-Kind Donors

Phillip Williams

Melida Wilson

Maurice Wilson

About Askew Doc:

This documentary follows the quest of James C. Durrah II, a 32-year-old Georgia native, to find his biological family, and subsequently address the larger conversation of child abandonment within African American families.

"Can I Askew A Question" is produced by the Digital Switch, a production team consisting of Marlee Archer and James Durrah. It is created by and housed under Digital Reveries Media, a media, branding and filmmaking company owned by Marlee Archer. 

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