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DRM offers various digital branding services, and has helped numerous clients improve their online identities and brand reputation. We provide a holistic approach to branding, offering services ranging from web and graphic design to photography and videography. Get in touch for a services pricing list. And for a full list of services, click here. 


Authenticity is in everything we do, create and believe as a media group. Being that DRM is a digital branding company that also publishes an in-house blog on the latest in entertainment, tech, industry, and lifestyle, telling an impactful story is essential to our brand. Whether we are creating a website for a client, covering the latest music festival, or revealing truths about little known heroes in your city, authentic storytelling is at the heart of everything we do.   


DRM is comprised of an array of storytellers who, in their own respects, journeys and expertise, are either full-time or part-time entrepreneurs. A goal of DRM is to illustrate the lifestyle and experience of entrepreneurs--either with the clients that we provide services for or the events and people we write about. We additionally strive to  shed light on the lifestyles of specific industries or groups that our storytellers have ties to and experience with--from entertainment news and PR trends to HBCU culture and international travel.  

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Amber Grimes of Oxygen's "Like A Boss"
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