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Our websites features include:

Tech Support/Maintenance

Our monthly maintenance plans will provide all the support needed to keep your website in optimal health

Device Responsive

We optimize all sites to adjust according to device and screen size variations. 

Beautiful, Custom Design

We strive our hardest to create sites with the essence of each unique brand. 

SEO Optimization

We can infuse your content with search engine optimized text, to increase your search engine rankings.

Analytics and Metrics

We will connect to Google Analytics, so you can track site traffic and engagement.

DRM Web Design Services

With Digital Reveries Media, our web design services set you up with all the tools needed to manage and leverage your online presence. From e-commerce sites to online portfolios, we can create a beautiful website that will attract your target audience and represent your brand with stunning design. Our sites are functional and responsive, no matter the device your customers may be viewing from. If you need special features like online booking, email marketing, social media plug-ins, or online video streaming, we've got you covered. Your imagination is the only thing you need to bring to the table with DRM web design services. 

Site Features

Past Clients

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Past Clients

Did you know we now offer site maintenance plans?

Why Site Maintenance is Critical

Without monthly maintenance, your new website will be a huge waste of time. And here's why:

So you've spend months working with DRM, or another less capable web design company (wink), and now you're finally ready to launch your site for the world to see. You love your new site and so does every customer that visits -- until a few months after launch date and your site's formatting is off, links are broken, special features or plug-ins have gone out-of-date/malfunctioned, and images or videos do not load. Is this your web designer's fault? Likely not. After site launch, unless you have a maintenance plan with your web design company in place, the responsibility of site upkeep is yours. This is why subscribing to a maintenance plan, preferably before launch, is critical to keep your site traffic, engagement, and overall brand reputation in tact and ever-improving. 

No matter your field or chosen industry, all brands need monthly maintenance for their websites.

Because we care about the longevity of our web design clients, we offer affordable and effective site maintenance plans. While initially creating a site is a great way to jumpstart your business, your site's functionality, design and usability will quickly diminish without monthly maintenance and upkeep. To take this hassle off of your hands, we've developed tiered plans that range from including the most basic maintenance to detailed content changes and technical/design alterations. For more information on these plans, visit our site maintenance plans page. 


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