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"Get Out"

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"Get Out" Official Music Video

“Get Out” is a summertime R&B groove with the perfect double entendre about missing a romantic relationship - and on the flip side - about the varying levels of anxiety many of us are experiencing from being physically separated from people we love and care about during the global health pandemic. Whether it be about family, friends, or a romantic partner, “Get Out” describes the desire to get back to the life we knew before.

Official Music Video
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Jay Columbus (formerly JC Durrah) has been writing, arranging and producing since he was 17 years old. Following a rather long hiatus, and a complete sonic overhaul, Jay returns to music with an array of stories to tell about life and love. Jay's unique fusion of R&B, pop and acoustic guitar is warm and inviting, while remaining thought-provoking and introspective.

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Askew Doc Soundtrack

Askew Doc Soundtrack

“Get Out” is a part of a suite of new songs by Jay Columbus that will be featured in the upcoming documentary feature film “Can I Askew A Question,” which explores the multiple affects of trauma associated with child abandonment. The video for “Get Out” features never-before-seen clips from the Askew doc to support the two-fold message behind the song. The full soundtrack for the documentary — which will be released in 2021 alongside the film — will also feature alternate versions to the summertime-inspired track, “Get Out.” Learn more about the Askew Doc at the link below:

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