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Welcome Jay Columbus To The DRM Team!

As of 2017, Digital Reveries Media (DRM) has broadened its scope of work and clientele, and that is largely in part to the skill and expertise of digital branding strategist Jay Columbus. We'd like to formally acknowledge and announce that Jay Columbus has joined the Digital Reveries Media Team as a highly skilled branding consultant. He will contribute regularly through blog content and dope podcasts, and serve as one-half of the DRM production duo The Digital Switch, with DRM founder Marlee Archer.

Digital Branding

Jay comes to us from an extensive background in Public Relations and Digital Branding, with a decade of experience servicing both national and local brands, in the non-profit sector and creative projects through his own entrepreneurial endeavors. He is also a singer/songwriter--a complete one-stop shop for creativity and artistry-- only complementing his ability to leverage the best creative solutions for an array of clients.

And Jay is looking forward to further spreading his creative wings with Digital Reveries Media. "It's truly an exhilarating experience establishing creative thought-leadership as a part of The Digital Switch," says Jay.

"It's not every day that you are able to establish authentic partnerships with people who effortlessly feed your desire to create meaningful stories and visuals."

Jay Columbus is truly "an artistic brand without limits," and we look forward to the limitless creative talent he will exhibit through The Digital Switch, his highly celebrated music, and many online branding projects to come.

Welcome, Jay Columbus!

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