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Munson Steed and Kenny Burns open the RIDE Conference at Keynote breakfast

The inaugural R.I.D.E Conference commenced with an opening "State of the Industry" breakfast and discussion with Lifestyle Specialist Kenny Burns, moderated by Founder and Publisher of Steed Media, Munson Steed.

Discussing everything from his business ventures in the influencer industry and partnering with brands like Ciroc, to independently selling over ten thousand copies of his book, "The Dream is Real," Kenny gave conference attendees a firsthand look into his journey.

Sharing with audience that he took a non conventional route, Burns created his brand after moving to Atlanta from Washington, D.C., where he gained his start in the industry throwing parties during the early 90s. He also went on to work with Roc-A-Fella Records and created a clothing line. Tapping into different industries, he branded himself as a lifestyle specialist.

“My light is bright and that’s something I knew at 18 years old, I just didn’t know how to harness it, package it, and sell it.”

Briefing the audience on his adolescent trouble and how a traditional job and retirement weren't in his path, Burns encourages the audience to work harder for themselves than for anyone else saying, "Never go to Brooklyn for cheesecake.. unless you are getting a slice for yourself."

Taking a few questions from the audience, Burns was asked what he thought his superpower is. "My superpower is people," he said, "if you think about my work and what I've done, it's a very selfless journey."

Before wrapping the conversation, Steed encouraged everyone attending the conference to network and take full advantage of the speakers and guests that are attending over the weekend, praising Kenny for his contributions and always remaining humble throughout his work.

The RIDE Conference is taking place September 21-23 at the Loudermilk Center in Atlanta, focusing on the four tracks of Thought Leadership, Entertainment, Business, and Technology. A few other guests and speakers include: Laz Alonso, Keri HIlson, and Catherine Brewton

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