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The Digital Switch's Visual Teaser For Jay Columbus' "At The End" Single

The Digital Switch, production and digital branding duo Jay Columbus and Marlee Archer of Digital Reveries Media, has released its first official offering, a visual for the soulful single by Jay Columbus entitled, "At the End."

The single examines the complexities of finding one's own path, accompanied by hauntingly beautiful melodies and vocals by Columbus. Set to the beat of Q-Tip's "You," this track has a reminiscent vibe, while still remaining fresh and timely--an anthem of self exploration that we can all relate to.

"The creation of this visual was extremely personal and told a story about strength and self discovery, that I couldn't have told with anyone other with Digital Reveries Media," said Columbus.

Check out the teaser above! Keep an eye out for the full music video coming soon, only at Digital Reveries Media.

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