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Why soon-to-be Dr. Angela Scott is an inspiration to us all

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) is a male dominated field. However, there are women who continue to shatter the glass ceiling and make an impact in this industry. Digital Reveries Media had the pleasure of capturing graduate photos for Angela Glover, who will soon graduate from South University with a Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She sat down with DRM CEO to discuss her recent accomplishments. Her ambition and determination have created a well-rounded woman, filled with impactful experiences and great advice. In June, with her doctorate in hand, she will be well on her way to becoming one of those glass-shattering women. Below are a few motivational words from Angela, and a some stunning images from her grad shoot!

Marlee: How does it feel to be graduating with your doctorate degree at such a young age?

Angela: It feels remarkable and surreal. At times, I can’t believe I have made it to this moment in my educational career. Then there are moments that I reflect and think about all the hardships and no’s that came along with this journey and feel blessed and gracious.

Marlee: Is this degree particularly meaningful to you in any way? Or impactful for your life or family? If so, how?

Angela: This degree is very meaningful because it’s shown me when you believe in yourself you can do anything. Also, it shows that no matter the obstacles you face, you can overcome them and thrive. I have always wanted to get a doctorate and in less than 60 days, it will be accomplished. I feel as though I am serving as an example for my community and younger family members because unlike others, I have walked in their shoes and remained virtuous.

Marlee: What motivational advice would you give to any young girls who may be considering a similar career path?

Angela: Pray (spiritual conviction to be politically correct, LOL), learn, ask questions, listen, and most of all trust in yourself. Prayer helped me stay grounded and on the right path to success. I read a lot in my spare time because I love it but also because you should always want to gain more knowledge. Knowledge is POWER. If you don’t understand something, feel free to always ask questions. I have avoided a lot of mistakes and made great impressions on people by asking questions and staying engaged. Listening is a skill that everyone needs. Listening will not only help you assess situations properly, but also excel in all that you do. Lastly, trust in yourself. I can’t say this enough. There will be times when no one else believes in your dream. This is when you will have to trust yourself. Always know that your natural instinct will lead you down the right path. Hebrews 11:1, a verse I love from the Holy Bible, reads, “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen […].” This reminds us that we must have faith in things we cannot see and believe it can happen.

Marlee: A lot of people tend to shy aware from majoring or pursuing careers in STEM? What made you choose it? Do you think more African Americans, and women specifically, should go into the field?

Angela: Well, mathematics has always been my favorite subject because it challenged me in ways that other subjects didn’t, but Science is a close second. I chose this field because there was something new to learn every day. I wanted to know how everything in the world worked around me and STEM was the answer. I think STEM is a field for everyone because it helps people think beyond the surface.

Marlee: What do you plan to do after graduation? Personally and professionally?

Angela: After graduation, I plan to go into the field of retail pharmacy. I love talking to people and educating them, and by working in a retail atmosphere, I can do just that. Once, I am situated in my field, I would like to start an outreach program for teens and young adults, that will educate them on drugs, addictions, and mental health.

Thanks Angela, and congrats on being a DRM girl boss!

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