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Why you should be tuning into The Sean Brown Show

With a passioned for sports and a love for the Low Country, seasoned sports announcer Sean Brown has created something special in his new daily radio broadcast, 'The Sean Brown Show with JP." Brown and his co-host JP stream at noon online at WQTS Radio and the show's Facebook page, covering a range of topics, from local and national sports, motorcycles, current news, HBCU culture and education, politics and more.

In early June, Digital Reveries had the opportunity to provide digital branding photos for the newly formed show. Only two months in the life span of the show, multiple celebrities and community leaders have already graced the studio with appearances, including internet comedian Yusha Thomas and American Idol winner Candice Glover. Already boasting this significant engagement, Brown wanted professional images to reflect the increasing popularity and respect garnered from his growing viewership.

So, what is the key to the show's swift success? Check out our one-on-one with Brown to learn more about the story behind the brand, the show's mission to impact the Savannah

community, and why you should be tuning in daily.

Marlee: What was your inspiration behind creating the Sean Brown Show?

Sean Brown: Quite simply we believe that there is talent in the Low Country between Sports and Entertainment that doesn't receive the opportunity to get a push from the media, whether it's because of a lack of marketing and promotion or simply just not getting the chance. We are here to fill the void.

Marlee: What makes your show different than other similar broadcasts?

Sean Brown: We are different than the majority of the shows out because we aren't just a sports show. We discuss, promote and bring value to the issues locally and nationally leaving no rocks unturned. No topic is off limits if it spreads knowledge and builds the community.

Marlee: Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? If so, what do you love about it?

Sean Brown: I think we classify as entrepreneurs. We are responsible for paying the station for airtime and we look forward to having a revenue stream, so yes I believe we qualify. The best part so far of being a new small business is the opportunities it presents to network with the local community, as well as celebrities. We are proud to have been the very first interview for Social Media sensation Yusha Thomas from the "But Sarge" video series. We have also had calls from Grammy Nominated musician Sean Bolden. But we have also been blessed to have access to local coaches to get them on the air and discuss their respective programs.

Marlee: What do you want your audience to take away from listening to or watching your show, or interacting in general with the Sean Brown Show brand?

Sean Brown: When the clock strikes 1pm and we sign off for the day, I pray our listeners come away with information and/or motivation. Quite often on the show we delve into a discussion about bettering each other and our community. Sometimes just that small word can impact a life. This is also why we make a conscious effort to produce and discuss quality topics that have a purpose.

Thanks again to Sean, for trusting DRM with your brand.

Don't forget to tune in daily at noon, following the links above, and "turn your radio up with the Sean Brown Show with JP!"

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